Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Auntie Burrows Patterns Now Available!

The pattern for the Auntie Burrows rabbit is finally available in Inside Crochet issue 15, which can be bought in the UK from Tesco and WH Smiths stores amongst others, as well as at selected stores in the USA, or downloaded from the magazine's website: www.yudu.com/item/details/280755/Inside-Crochet--Issue-15?refid=20144).  The pattern will also be available to purchase from me, here in my Etsy store from the beginning of August 2011.

The pattern for outfit is also available as a pdf - please visit *HERE* to find out how to get it.

I hope you will have a lot of fun making up your own Auntie Burrows and I would love to see photos of your work, which if you are happy for me to, then I will add onto the Gallery page.

UK crochet terminology is used throughout the patterns, but I am willing to help with conversion to USA terminology if this is difficult for you. I also offer free "crocheting support". If you have any questions about the pattern feel free to contact me and I will do all I can to help!

Best wishes from Auntie Burrows and Beverley ♥


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Lovely Watercolour Painting of Auntie Burrows

Look at this wonderful watercolour painting of Auntie Burrows. It was done by Merlin, age 13.

If you would like to do a picture of Auntie Burrows to appear on her blog, then please email a photo or scan of it to Auntie Burrows

Auntie Burrows' Crochet Pattern - Inside Crochet Magazine

The crochet pattern for Auntie Burrows is the second of my patterns to be accepted for publication by the UK's Inside Crochet magazine, which will be published in their Spring issue, number 15.  Auntie Burrows is just over 13 inches tall and is fully jointed and can sit and stand unaided. She comes with a complete outfit (as pictured below) and also comes with a little bag that matches her hat and shoes, which is just big enough to fit in a few mini eggs or a hen's sized chocolate egg, to make a wonderful Easter or Springtime gift.

I am very excited to have her pattern accepted and this very week, she will be going off to their offices ready for her photo shoot. She will be away for a while, so I hope she has a safe journey.

Auntie Burrows' is very new at the moment, but keep an eye out for stories, pictures and crafts coming on here, which will be gradually added.  Some of them will be suitable to do with young children, whilst others will be more for an adult to make for children.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

About Auntie Burrows

Hello and Welcome to The Journal of Auntie Burrows.

Auntie Burrows started out in life as a pencil sketch from the imagination of her creator, Beverley Campbell.  She then burrowed around in Beverley's mind for a while and eventually was made into a little crocheted figure.  It was whilst her clothes were being made for her, that Beverley started to develop a personality for Auntie Burrows and started to jot down some stories about her.

I hope you will enjoy the tales about Auntie Burrows and will enjoy learning about her and trying out some of the projects and activities that will appear here.

Best wishes from

Auntie Burrows and Beverley Campbell